Armadas in the Mist is the third installment in the Empire in the House of Thorns series.

Justice is still the Admiral of the ship, the family is still divided, and the fight for London continues. Book three is filled with even more action and adventure than the first two in the series.

One of the things I felt sorry for was that this is still a 15 year old girl fighting a war, leading the fight at that. She is also on the opposing side, as her mom and brother are siding with the Fae. Can you imagine how tough that must be on her and the rest of her family? The idea of killing one of your own in the heat of a battle.

The book had me on a roller coaster of emotions as the story continued to develop. I fell in love with each character, and I hated it most of them. The author is amazing at world-building, story-telling, and putting the punch in the action packed scenes. He really brought the characters to life. There were times when I thought they had a fighting chance, and there were times when I thought they were screwed.

I may get back into fantasy after this, and I will definitely check out more of his work. Highly recommend this series if you are into fanstasy.

This author of Science Fiction and Fantasy lives in the suburbs just outside the sprawling decay of Detroit, Michigan. There he resides with his wife (Kimberly) his daughter (Kathryn) and a group of animals he refers to as ‘The Menagerie’. He has been selling short stories since the early ’80’s, including recent sales to Escape Pod and Dark Wisdom Anthology from Elder Signs Press.


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